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Cell Phones and Mobile Applications have become very crucial and highly popular in everyday life. They have also revolutionized the communication and business world. Millions of people all over the world are using Smartphone devices for multiple uses like communication, chatting, songs, videos, texting, browsing, gaming, marketing, social networking, health and fitness, education, and much more. Smartphone devices have also become indispensable to business and marketing. No other devices are more effective for faster business growth and brand promotions than Mobile Apps.

Given how quickly innovation occurs, it’s no surprise that today’s apps are light-years from their early iterations. Over the last five years, apps have migrated from telling users what content to consume to allowing the user to determine the content. The user interface has improved considerably and tools like location data and gyroscopes have enhanced app functionality and user experience. Users are also demanding more connectivity, which means apps are no longer a one-to-one proposition

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